Picking the Right Shoes for Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is a fun and sexy form of exercise that helps tone every part of your body, improve your posture, and boost your confidence.
While it’s not an exercise for everyone, for those who are taking up pole dancing, they know it’s more than just sexy dance steps, in fact, it’s also a form of performance art where fun and sexy costumes and themes are involved!
Sure, costumes may play a part in pole dancing but the really important factor for them is the shoes you will be wearing in your pole dancing class, click here.

But Why Shoes…?
Pole dancing shoes or also known as platform shoes come in a variety of colours, styles and designs, and varying degrees of height.
But what exactly do these shoes have to do with pole dancing?
First of all, pole dancing shoes make you look and feel great which helps boost your confidence greatly, pole shoes elongate your legs making them look gorgeous!
Perhaps the most important factor is that pole shoes improve your posture as you work the pole or catwalk, this adds more bounce to your walk.

When wearing pole shoes you are basically on tip-toes for your whole workout, these shoes will make the muscles in your calves work harder thus toning your calves, pole shoes are somewhat heavy, however they can help you get a stretch deeper, especially your legs when you invert, giving you some momentum when you spin.
Pole shoes also allow you to have a better grip when perform tricks on your pole.

But Which Shoes Should I Buy? What if I Haven’t Used Such Shoes?
Most pole shoes have heels that are 4 inches and higher, and you can buy them almost everywhere, although there are shops that do specialise in these kinds of shoes mostly online. It’s best to avoid heels that are studded or have big buckles as they can damage and bruise your feet and legs, and hamper you from performing.
Although it may look uncomfortable, especially for those who aren’t used to wearing heels, platform heels will be more comfortable once you get more used to them; they’ll even feel natural to you over time. Your heels will feel like as if they’re an extension of yourself.
We recommend that you buy platform shoes that are at least a size bigger than your original size, those with wider feet may need to buy shoes that are 2 sizes bigger, however, if you’ll be buying open toe shoes, it’s best that you stick to your natural size.

We understand that platform heels and even stilettos look scary especially if you haven’t worn anything higher than 2 inches or have never worn heels at all. To prepare yourself in dancing with heels, we recommend that you practice walking in them for two weeks or more. Yes, you will fall several times so be prepared with a lot of bandages.
Wear them when you’re going to work, hanging out with your friends or even in your home during your free time, and once you get used to wearing your heels – it’s time to strut your stuff with the pole.