Trust and rapport from dental patients

best dentistI’ve been reading a great book called “Integrity Selling for the 21st Century” by Ron Willingham. It was recommended by one of my VIP members to the group during a mastermind meeting.
Great read and I encourage you to pick it up,click here. But anyway, it demonstrates the value and ethics of the sales process. And hopefully by now, you understand and appreciate as a human being; we are all in the sales business regardless of our profession. Selling doesn’t just involve money, but anything of value…time, companionship, respect, education, etc. It’s something of worth.

So what are you ‘selling’ to your patients?
Gold, plastic, prophy paste?

You are selling something way more valuable than that. You are selling confident, comfort, youth, happiness, and health. If you don’t see the value of these in dentistry, how are your patients and your team going to???
Ask yourself, “what am I doing to build value for my patients?”
Are you developing trust and rapport before they even walk into the door? Trust and rapport are out of your hands many times because they occur BEFORE the patient even meets you. Prospective patients gauge your office on other satisfied patients…your raving fans. Are your patients leaving the office screaming from the roof tops that you’re the best? If a patient has a ‘fine’ visit, that’s not good enough. You have to be GREAT! A quick way to analyze your trust with your existing patients is to take your new patient total for the month and divide it by the number of those patients who came from direct patient referrals. 50-60% is that ‘fine’ level that can be improved and below that, you need to seriously evaluate your systems to see where people are disconnecting with you.

Are you sitting down and discovering people’s wants or needs first?
People are more apt to trust and open up to you when you listen to them, care about them, and have a sincere desire to understand them. Interviews and initial exams are not about how great you are, your degrees, your qualification.
It’s about the patient’s wants, need and desire. They assume that if you have “Dr.” in front of your name, then you know what’s going on. Your job is to find out about them.
This reminds me of a funny story about a sales rep that went into a doctor’s office uninvited, of course, for the 6th time. The first 5 times she went in with the regular ‘spill’ about how great her product was, what awards it has won, how many patents it has, and blah blah blah.

Well, she struck out 5 times. But by the 6th, she has gotten smarter. And instead, she went in and told him “Doctor, I’m not here to ‘detail’ you today. I’d like to just a few minutes to better understand your practice and how I can serve you better.”

Wham!! Homerun!! Out of the park!!!

Are you truly serving your patients as a Dentist?
Is it easy to do business with you?
Does your office and team ooze warmth, understanding, compassion, and world class customer service to each and every person that walks through your doors or calls your number?
All these things are part of your sales process. You all know I am a big supporter of marketing, but the best marketing in the world can’t fix these problems if they are occurring in your office.
Sales and customer service go hand in hand. If you would like help improving your “integrity selling” and “customer service”, check out solutions to your dental practice growth needs here.…