Foraging on Land

Obvious first choice as they are found everywhere from mid-summer onwards.Used for making:- Great …wine….jam….deserts…and can be added to many other dishes. These are plentiful and can be harvested over a long period, so collect as many as you can and turn them into a storable product like wine or jam.Hazel Nuts:
Available in autumn and best eaten when fresh. Do not take them all and push a few into the ground before leaving because a lot of wild life depend on these through the winter months. Some years you will find that the nuts are very badly formed or none existant. Planting more of these will ensure larger crops in the coming years but also the wood is a very valuable product for fencing, basket making, walking sticks and firewood.Nettles. All you need for another crop is to cultivate the soil with a best tiller machine that you can have here at for plenty of crops for the next season because we all know that berries can be used for many things from salads to beer and tea. But make one of the best fertilisers you can get. Put them in an old barrel of water for liquid feed or harvest them before they seed and put as many as possible in your manure or compost heap. Making a liquid feed will provide you with a feed for crops which do not require manure like tomatoes etc.Rushes:
Such a nuisance these plants are, but not so if you use them in a way they were once used for. Using tiller for your garden is perfect because you don’t have to exert more effort and time in making the soil to be planted by any plants you want. It make great bedding for animals when dried. They can be used to cover and store vegetables especially spuds, just as good as straw when dried so saving a fortune for you in areas where straw isn’t available as a crop and has to be purchased.Elder flower & Elderberries:
Both are used for all the same things as blackberries with wine from the flower and berry being extremely nice. If you take the flower from the plant then you will obviously have a reduced berry cropRowen Berries: You can have the best of it when you use effective machines to cultivate the land on preparing these plants to be planted.
Used to make jelly, jam and used in wine. These are not poisonous and have a bit of a stigma attached to them from folk law regarding witchcraft. Wood Pallets:

NOTE: Some pallets at the present may contain wood treatments which could be toxic when burnt. Some treated pallets can be easily identified by the green/yellow colour ….DO NOT burn these pallets. Also do not add the pallet ash to your garden or vegetables just incase you have burnt one which could have the treatment applied as the residues could also be toxic. These wood treatments for pallets are supposed to be being phased out in the near future.Forestry Waste Wood:
When the forestry people have been into their forests and harvested their best wood, they leave what looks like a scene of destruction.
Left behind is thousands of sub standard and damaged felled trees and millions of cropped branches of all sizes.
If you apply to your local forestry office, they may if you are lucky grant you permission to take some of this wood if you apply well before the forest is due for re-planting which will take place soon after harvesting. This wood must be for use by yourself only, and when cut up and stored for 12 months to dry will make the best of fuel and a few days at this will collect you enough wood for the full years supply of fuel. If you have a wood chipper that is powerful enough, then you can also chip the branches, but make sure the forestry people have give you permission for this also.…

Enjoy a full massage while sitting on a chair

Massage plays a big role in our lives. From rubbing a cramped calf muscle to pampering yourself with a massage therapist session, we have subconsciously known the benefits of massage for ages. Ancient sciences like Ayurveda have chronicled massage techniques which are still used and taught today. A holistic massage therapy is kind of massage which combines a balance of natural healing methods with massage therapy. Its combination between Swedish massage therapy and deep tissue provide the client relaxation that can increase their well being and health. This kind of massage will help the entire body to relax and loosen up stiff muscles concentrating on the physical body, the mental body and the emotional body to eventually relieve the stress of every individual.

The massage allows the blood vessels to deliver blood to the different muscles in the body. These muscles include the ones that support the skeleton. The organs are provided with a good supply of unhindered blood so that they can function. Besides the heart benefiting from a massage there are other best chiropractor benefits that can be found by going through with this massage. These benefits include the blood circulatory system working without any difficulties.

Nowadays, massage chairs gives us a special massage to the lower body elements even in different parts of our body that will take away all the pains like legs, shoulder, arms and hips. once the chair is completely set up, your hips, thighs, shoulders even the neck that usually feels the stress in working all day in the office and feet area for those who works or standing all day. This will give you a relaxing feeling when this massage session starts. With the assistance of the heated heads of this massage chair, you will be feeling awesome for this could help take off the tension on your head that triggers the stress on your body because these chairs are becoming increasingly popular and more readily available, more and more are getting excited of having one. Also, this is no longer a privilege reserved for the very wealthy. There are many affordable options available that suit budgets that are slightly tighter. Money spent on your health is never money wasted.

When you decide you want to discover what everyone else has already discovered- the wonderful sensation of a full body treatment there are several types to choose from but the three main types include chair, deep tissue and Swedish massage.
A chair treatment involves a full massage while you sit in a chair, fully clothed. Getting a chair treatment at work, the airport, the mall, the county fair or in a spa setting has become a popular way to alleviate the stress of life in more convenient settings.

This type of massage in your massage chairs will leave you feeling like you’ve had a good workout and make you feel sore for a day or two afterwards but if your therapist does it right the discomfort goes away in a day or two and your body usually feels better, not worse for the workout. This is perfect for the people who are busy who doesn’t have any time to exercise. By sitting on this massage chairs, you will be feeling a comfortable and relaxing body that you will be sure that all of the unwanted pains on your body will disappear.…

Best Cholesterol Medication Categories

Having just completed your annual physical, the doctor informs you that your lab results indicate your LDL cholesterol is high and your HDL cholesterol is low. He has decided to put you on cholesterol medication. Here it is
As an informed patient you want to know what all that means. He shares with you that cholesterol is an important part of the process that keeps your body functioning. Additionally, he explains that there are two types of cholesterol critical to the normal functioning of the body. Not all cholesterol is bad cholesterol and we all have a certain amount of bad cholesterol and a certain amount of good cholesterol. This bad and good cholesterol needs to be in a certain balance in order to be healthy. The acceptable cholesterol range will depend upon the separate readings of these two types of cholesterol.
HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol is the good cholesterol and has been shown to actually reduce levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream. LDL (low-density lipoprotein) is your bad cholesterol and if the levels of LDL cholesterol are not reduced it may present a health risk. This health risk can include hardening of the arteries, stroke, and coronary heart disease.

Cholesterol is not fat per se, but fat can be reduced through the fat burner. And there are different ways to reduced fat. Any aspirant of losing their fats was given the diffrent offer of fat burner.

Three categories of cholesterol medication include the statin, bile-acid-binding resin, and cholesterol absorption inhibitors.

Statin Drugs
Cholesterol medication, classified as a statin drug, has been medically proven to lower the levels of cholesterol. However, with any medication, you should discuss this option with your physician as there are particular side effects associated with this cholesterol medication.
This particular category of cholesterol-lowering drugs combines with the bile that is secreted by the gallbladder and liver and works within the intestinal tract. This combination of the statin medication, along with the bile, softens the ingested fatty food substance, which allows for that food to be absorbed. Side effects could include muscle aches and if these symptoms develop you should contact your physician.

Bile-Acid Binding Resin
The bile-acid-binding resin is also a drug class that addresses elevated cholesterol levels. This type of medication works in concert with the bile secreted from the gallbladder and liver. One of the functions of the liver, in the digestive process, is to turn cholesterol into bile acids that make their way into the intestinal tract where they are absorbed and returned to the liver.
This type of cholesterol medication binds itself to the bile acid and prevents these acids from being absorbed. Ultimately they are dispelled through the digestive tract.
When this particular type of cholesterol medication is combined with other medications, such as nicotinic acid, the levels of LDL cholesterol dropped dramatically. Side effects can include constipation, bloating, nausea, and gas.

Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitors
One additional cholesterol medication, classified as a cholesterol-lowering pharmaceutical, is the cholesterol absorption inhibitors, and as the name implies this class of drug prevents the absorption of cholesterol. This medication is generally prescribed to those individuals who cannot take the statin class of cholesterol-lowering drugs.
The difference between this type of medication and the statin medication is that the cholesterol absorption inhibitors work within the digestive track and not with the liver in absorbing the fatty food. The side effects of this cholesterol medication could include stomach pain and fatigue.…