Barnett Raptor FX

What’s in The Box?
Below are the parts and accessories you’ll find in the Barnett Raptor FX package:

The Barnett Raptor Crossbow
An owner’s manual
Three (3) Headhunter Arrows
A rope cocking device
An owner’s manual
A warranty card
A quiver
A 4×32 multi-reticle scope

Lightweight and powerful, the Barnett Raptor FX crossbow is a must have for anyone who’d like to try their hand at hunting. It’s the perfect crossbow for any legal game in North America whether it’s rabbit, deer, or moose.
It’s also the perfect crossbow for target shooting.
Like most crossbows from Barnett, the Raptor FX is easy to setup, start by installing the riser to the stock then attach the foot stirrup, and lastly, mount the scope and quiver.
At 18 inches wide and only 6.5 pounds, this crossbow is perfect for moving in and around bushes and trees, and since it’s also lightweight, you won’t get worn out and tired from carrying this crossbow with you.

The Power of the Raptor FX and Other Features

While the Raptor FX is a powerful crossbow, it does however have a lot of downsides.
Cocking this is also easy as it allows you to draw 150 pounds, meaning you can easily cock it without the help of a cocking device. Sighting with the Raptor FX is easy enough, the scope is fog-resistant and has excellent clarity, however, don’t expect the scope to be useful in low light environments.
The Raptor FX is perfect for first time shooters and hunters, this crossbow is also perfect for hunters with long arms as the Raptor FX also comes with an arrow retainer that is adjustable, meaning you can use other arrows with ease, in case you lose your Barnett arrows.
Now, on to the issues with the Raptor FX:
While the Raptor FX may seem like the perfect crossbow for hunting, many hunters have pointed out that it is a walking hazard.
The strings of the Raptor FX tend to snap off easily, and may have hurt other hunters in the process.
Yet, the safety and anti-dry fire of the Raptor FX work flawlessly and it is designed quite nicely but because the strings of the Raptor FX tend to break off easily, this isn’t a recommended for long time hunting as you may end up hurting yourself more rather than bringing home a decent-sized rabbit or even a small deer.

As with most Barnett products and accessories, the Raptor FX comes with a 3 year warranty and the manufacturer can provide you with a replacement crossbow in the event your crossbow breaks.
Nonetheless, the Barnett Raptor FX is a good crossbow for those who are still starting out at hunting or to those who may have trouble pulling on more heavier weights, this comes in handy for hunters who love to hunt but cannot exert that much effort, you may move up to the Barnett Raptor FX 2 or other Barnett crossbows once you’ve mastered the Barnett Raptor FX.…